QMAP Science

Welcome to the Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics. QMAP is a new initiative at UC Davis, aimed at fostering a vibrant research environment for addressing foundational questions in modern theoretical and mathematical physics.

Who we are

We are theoretical physicists and mathematicians who are interested in tackling questions about how the universe works. At a broad brush, some of the questions we seek to answer are
- What is the origin of space and time? In particular, how does spacetime emerge from a more fundamental description?
- How did our universe start and what is its fate?
- What manifestations of the quantum nature of our world are apparent and important at macroscopic scales?
- What are the mathematical structures describing our world, and what novel surprises do they reveal?

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ยง Make a Gift to QMAP

UC Davis Give Day 2019 is hosting a QMAP challenge. For details on how to contribute please follow the link: UC Davis College of Letters and Science, QMAP Challenge.